New Partner: Rastatt

New partner of the project: the tête-à-tête Festival in Rastatt, Germany

the performance CROSSING LINES will be presented at the tête-à-tête Festival at June 2nd, 2018.
During the next months young people from Rastatt and the region are invited to partizipate und to join our team in a workshop.
Interested? Please contact:

Für alle HipHop-Interessierten mit Vorerfahrung:
Am 5. und 6. Mai findet in Rastatt ein Workshop mit den Freiburger Choreografen von PAN.OPTIKUM statt.
Dabei werden choreografische Grundlagen für die Aufführung einstudiert.

Wer Lust hat auch an der Aufführung am 2. Juni mitzumachen und ab dem 27. Mai mit dem neuen europäischen Ensemble zusammenzuarbeiten kann unter:
Kontakt zu uns aufnehmen.

Next Crossing Lines Performance

At the Birds Festival in Murmansk, Russia!
The partner Pikene pa Brøen celebrates its artistical cooperation with the birds festival – which is going on since many years – with the Crossing Lines performance on April 27th 2018.
We are very excited to bring the Power of Diversity project over the border to this wonderful Russian festival!

Introduction of Simon Chatterton for the Newbury performance

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Welcome to this performance of CROSSING LINES.
The performance here in Newbury is one of the first highlights of a major European project called Power of Diversity. A collaborative project with nine other partner festivals from all over Europe. It is part of the “Creative Europe” programme and is fifty percent funded by the EU Commission. It is also generously supported by Arts Council England and Greenham Common Trust.
Over the past 18 months, German theatre company Pan Optikum have created small productions with many young people in our partners’ cities across Europe.
Some of the performers from these small performances were then invited to come to Freiburg where six weeks of rehearsals created this performance Crossing Lines, which is now touring to our partner festivals. In this way, the project has created an international community that transcends borders and has also been a great pleasure to work on.
As we produced our projects last year we asked the young people taking part about their hopes, their fears and their visions of the future – both for themselves and for the world in which they are living.
Two themes emerged, questions of individual identity and self-awareness but also the bigger questions of the challenges our fractured societies and our planet face.
In this performance that they have created, young people find themselves in the aftermath of a global catastrophe. Cast adrift and isolated they have to rediscover their individual identities.
Finding other survivors they form new tribes, micro-societies based on their own arbitrary rules. But it is not until they open their eyes to others and embrace the wider diversity of the new world around them that they find their path to a new future.
Finally, a piece of practical piece of information:
Small stages will be moving all around the space during the performance, so we ask all of you to get ready to move. Through choosing where you stand you’ll be able to experience entirely new perspectives.
With this information let us wish you an enjoyable evening and present tonight’s performance of Crossing Lines.

Juliet Coveney (project manager)
Simon Chatterton (producer)


After six weeks very intense rehearsals the first two evenings will be in Freiburg at July 28th and 29th at the Stühlinger Kirchplatz.
It starts at 10 pm and the duration will be approximately one hour.
Free entrance!
All the organizers of the partner festivals will be there to join us at this very special evening.


Since June 18 all selected participants from the 9 partner festivals are arrived in Freiburg, to start the six weeks rehearsing in Freiburg.
The 28 young adults will develop together a new theatre production for huge public spaces. Pictures of the first days you can find HERE.
WE ARE VERY EXCITED and please SAVE THE DATES:  The premiere will be on the 28th of July in Freiburg at the Stühlinger Kirchplatz, 100 metres behind the train station.
Directly after the second performance at the 29th of July, the production will travel to the Passagefestival, Helsingør, DK and afterwards to Newbury, UK.

Selected participants

The following participants are selected for the huge production:

Abdirahman Nuur, Görlitz
Anna Orkisz, Bytom
Athena Gandila, Sibiu
Bartek Gawecki, Bytom
Cosima Dudel, Freiburg
Daniel Vera Suárez, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Daria Strulia, Kirkenes/Murmansk
Gustav Jung, Freiburg
Igor Kolobov, Kirkenes/Murmansk
Jiska Mensink, Deventer
Johnny Cejas Montero, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Judit Henríquez Medina, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Juliane Petruska Lund, Helsingør
Karolina Grzegorzewicz, Bytom
Katie Burse, Folkestone
Kevin Carballo Flores, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Kien Trinh, Freiburg
Kyle Lockerby, Folkestone
Laura Viltoft Overgard, Helsingør
Lea Emilia Christensen, Helsingør
Marie Sophie Siegemund, Görlitz
Mihail Vass, Sibiu
Paige Makay, Newbury
Paula González, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Rosalind Chaston, Newbury
Sonja Poguts, Kirkenes/Murmansk
Yalany Marschner, Freiburg
Ziga Lukman, Folkestone